Why Seafood?

Although Cuba has more selection of cuisines such as beans, rice, meat mixed with fruits and vegetables, we surely believe that there’s nothing that can truly represent this country’s delectable dishes than seafood. One, Cuba is an island-nation which speaks of abundance of fresh sea catches! All-year round the country enjoys fish, clams, shrimps and just about anything living under the sea. 

Sea food is also something people in Florida and Cubans share. Trying out another way of cooking these familiar foods can add a sense of adventure in the way we eat. Whatever you are in the mood to eat, we are ready to serve them to you. You can have scallop soup as a starter and finish of with salmon! 
We can assure you that your dining experience will never be the same again. Our seafood recipe from fish, shrimps, scallops, oysters, lobster, clams, shellfish, salmon, and others will serve your palate well. Then, you would have to come back over and over again. Don’t keep your taste buds waiting for the Cuban seafood delight!